What does Direct Entry mean?

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There are two entry requirements for higher education courses: English language and academic qualifications

a) English language: when a student passes AE3, AE4, or AE5 they have met the English language requirement to enter UTS Foundation Studies (from AE3), UTS:Insearch Diploma (from AE4), and many UTS degrees (from AE5).

This means a student does not have to do another test, such as IELTS, to meet the English language requirement to gain entry to these courses.

b) Academic qualification: a student must also meet the Academic qualification entry requirement e.g. SMU 3 with average grade 72% in academic subjects meets the academic entry requirement for UTS:INSEARCH Diploma in Business.

Check for UTS:INSEARCH diplomas and http://www.insearch.edu.au/Courses

Check for undergraduate and postgraduate entry:


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