Blended Learning



BLENDED LEARNING A new approach to learning English with Blended Learning Blended Learning is an innovative approach to learning, which combines traditional face-to-face teaching with online-supported learning. You can interact with learning materials on your mobile, laptop or ipad from any location with internet access. Study anytime, anywhere. Our Academic English (AE) Program is delivered using Blackboard, the interactive tool that combines online learning and face-to-face teaching. Blackboard is also used at UTS so you will be familiar with the online tool if you study at that university. Features include:

  • All course books and work books  content as downloadable PDFs you can write your own  notes on
  • All audio and video (AV) files from the lessons you can listen to anytime  you want
  • Digital versions of all vocabulary for the new curriculum, with every item linked to an online dictionary
  • A pronunciation guides  for all lessons
  • A constantly growing collection of extra resources for students to access  for study outside the classroom
  • Mobile  app – access to all the above material via  ‘SMART’ mobile devices. Free to download when you enrol.



  • Click here to see a demonstration of how you can access your Academic English course book, workbook, listenings and videos, word list and dictionary.