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Study abroad, whether it be in Australia, Singapore, UK, USA, or Germany, may be a dream for most high school students in Indonesia or even have become a target for some of the students. Until this day, study abroad can give a quality assurance and can be a modal to get better future for every student, easy to find a job in Indonesia and abroad, easy to rise up the career, and salary levels are higher when compared to graduates of local universities, although that reason is not an absolute reason why we take study abroad. Universities in Indonesia was also able to give qualified students. But of course there are other reasons why study abroad is still the best choice of high school students graduate in Indonesia, an experience of interacting with students from other countries and gain a broader mindset, in which the experience can not be felt when study in local university. Study abroad is not just an option for high school students who want to continued their study to university, but can also employees who want to upgrade their position where he had to take advanced studies abroad. It will be a good opportunity for employees because it will useful for companies, and for their self portfolio. To be able to study abroad there are several requirements that must be met in addition to the completeness of visas and passports, ie pass the IELTS Test. The IELTS exam must be followed by students who wish to study abroad for non-native English language speakers. This is to ensure that every student can smoothly and fluently communicate in writing academic assignments using the English language. IELTS certificate is one of requirements to get a visa to study abroad. To be able to pass the IELTS there are some tips that can be used when the IELTS exam:

  1. Speaking test: use a range of adjectives to expand what you say and show your broad vocabulary
  2. Writing, Task 1: you must include a good, clear overview sentence.
  3. Listening test: grammar and spelling must be correct
  4. Speaking test: record your response for Part 2 practice then replay and check for repetitions and hesitations. Record and listen again to hear how you are improving. You can also focus on improving your pronunciation in each recording. Can you understand yourself?
  5. Writing: you can do Task 2 before Task 1 if you prefer
  6. Writing, Task 2: try to use an alternative to ‘In conclusion,…’ to show your broader vocabulary
  7. Remember to use commas when writing big numbers: 1,325,600 not 1.325.600

ELTI Gramedia cooperate with UTS: Insearch have IELTS preparation program that will assist each student in preparing for the IELTS exam. The students will be trained in IELTS and there will be more tips obtained from each student in addition to the 7 tips that have been mentioned above. But there is another way for students who want to study abroad, but do not want to follow the IELTS exam. ELTI Gramedia – UTS: Insearch also provide called ACADEMIC ENGLISH program, the students do not have to take the IELTS Test for admission on some universities in Australia are already cooperate with Gramedia ELTI-UTS: Insearch.


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