Study Abroad

Study abroad might be almost everyone’s dream. Learning with people from all over the world will stimulate ideas and broaden your mind. By studying abroad, you will live in a different country and explore a new culture. This sounds very interesting and exciting but also challenging in many ways.

Preparation is one of the key success factors to successful study abroad. You need to gather a lot of information about the desired university and the destination country. You can ask your friends or relatives who are already there or now returned or browse the internet to get more information.

Do you have a dream to study abroad but not sure where to go, what it will cost, how to get a scholarship, or how to prepare?

Here are some great links to help you.

Massive amount of information about options around the world (in English) for study abroad:

English language and Academic English skills

When studying abroad is at the top of your dream list, English is a must. Almost every university in the world states English language proficiency as one of the requirements, especially when the university is located in English-speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, USA, etc.

The universities abroad set specific scores of English proficiency for international students who want to study abroad. IELTS and TOEFL are the two most recognised international standards for measuring English proficiency. However, achieving great band scores for IELTS or high TOEFL scores will not automatically save us from communication issues, especially in the academic world. Research shows that IELTS or TOEFL helps us to fulfill the stated requirements but we still need to deal with the academic matters such as essay writing, presentation delivering, group discussions, etc, and these are not provided in a general English course. You need a specific English course that prepares you to face academic matters in universities abroad. You need an Academic English Program.

An Academic English Program is designed to prepare students for study aboard – to face international university life at the level of Bachelor, Master or even doctoral degrees in the country chosen, whether America, Britain, the Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand or Canada. Language skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening are developed in the context of the study requirements for a university degree.

In an Academic English program you learn to engage confidently in classroom discussions, tutorials, and conversation in English, build an English vocabulary that is useful for university, a future career and your everyday life, write academic essays and reports in English suitable for university courses, deliver effective presentations which communicate clear messages, take notes at lectures so that you can recall and discuss key points, read academic texts and use a variety of resources for academic studies, create, plan and organize so that group projects are successful, and study independently.

UTS (University of Technology Sydney)

Academic English studied in ELTI Gramedia is a preparation program that is recognized by several excellent universities in Australia. This means the Academic English Program students can get direct entry to those universities without an IELTS or TOEFL score being required.

Universities that acknowledge pass grades in the UTS:INSEARCH Academic English program as their direct entry to many degrees are:

  1. University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
  2. Macquarie University (MQ)
  3. University of Wollongong (UOW)
  4. University of West Sydney (UWS)
  5. University of Newcastle (UON)
  6.  Shanghai University (SHU)

One of those universities is the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Check out the University of Technology Sydney information for international students who want to study a Masters or PhD:

More information to help you achieve your goal to study abroad

Graduated from Year 12 and wondering about how to get into university in Australia? You can get direct entry into Foundation Studies or Diploma as the first step towards your bachelor degree:

Prepare to study abroad while still in Indonesia – study Academic English in Jakarta and Yogyajakarta:

Is Europe your study abroad destination?

Want to study in Europe? Apply for a Masters or PhD scholarship through Erasmus Mundus, the European Union scholarship program for students from developing countries:

Study in Australia and other countries: Note: Study Abroad is also the name of a program run by universities that enables students to go overseas and enroll for a semester in another university and receive credits for their study. That is why a key word search ‘study abroad’ will produce many websites that discuss programs for these students.