Entry requirements

Entry requirements for Academic English program If you have a current IELTS, TOEFL or PTE score (no older than 12 months, when you commence your English course) you can check the pathway diagram to see at which level you will need to start and the minimum number of weeks of Academic English you will need. If you don’t have a current score, you can do the Placement Test to find out your entry level. Phone to make a booking:  021-29501009. You can also check your entry level even if you already have a test result by arranging to do our Placement Test.

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Placement Test Just 1 visit: take the test, get the result, ask lots of questions, have a tour, meet the teachers, discuss a study plan.

The test has two parts:

a). An online test covering reading, writing, listening and speaking – takes 50 minutes
b). A paper test with a short essay – takes 40 minutes

Results will be sent to your email

We give you written feedback on your strengths and weaknesses within 24 hours. Come in to chat about your goals and study options, get feedback on your writing and speaking skills, and find out about study plans.  We will make sure you are placed in a class that suits your level and where you will get  the most benefit.