Academic English Program

Choose the right English course for your needs

Pathway to study abroad at international universities Here you will be prepared to face the International University life both for the level of Bachelor, Master or  even doctoral based on Country you choose, America, Britain, the Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand or Canada. Four language skills such as Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening will automatically learned and developed during the learning process in the Academic English. Use the interesting topics with a variety of activities that will not bore you. You can also get a blackboard mobile learn app that can be accessed through a smartphone, tablet or iPad. Combination study plan: Academic English + IELTS Preparation Focus A combination of courses will suit many students who want to study at international universities abroad: Academic English skills for success in Degrees, Diplomas and Foundation Studies plus study for specific IELTS test scores to meet the English language requirements Suggested Study Plan examples Heading for Master’s degree at a university in the UK & need IELTS 7.0 Overall

Study Plan 1 = AE5 + IELTS Focus

Heading for Foundation Studies at a university in Malaysia & need IELTS 5.5 Overall

Study Plan 2 = AE3 IELTS Focus

Study plans may include a combination of part-time courses and full-time courses. Example: part-time AE during High School Year 11 and Year 12 plus full-time AE or IELTS Focus during long holidays Contact the Academic Counselor to discuss study plans. We have included a sample lesson from three of the levels so you can experience the high standard of course book you will be working from and get an idea of a class. Click on the 1A book for a sample of the first level of the course, 2A for the second level, and 3A to see what you will be doing in the third level.

What We Offer

Total hours Hours/week Total Weeks Schedule
Ful-time course 100 20 hours/week 5 weeks Mon-Fri (Morning)
Part-time course*
A. Credit 50 hours 50 6 hours/week 8.5 weeks Afternoon class
B. Credit 50 hours 50 4 hours/week 12.5 weeks Afternoon class

The pathway to university and a rewarding career: UTS:INSEARCH Academic English at ELTI GRAMEDIA