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Why you should choose English at ELTI GRAMEDIA UTS:INSEARCH

Learning English at ELTI Gramedia UTS:INSEARCH is a life-changing experience. With our Academic English (AE) program you can improve your ability to communicate in English and gain the skills you need for further academic study. Not only will you become more confident in social situations but you will learn how to prepare for a future career in a globalised world. We also provide courses in IELTS Preparation.

Academic English Program (AE)

The pathway to further study and a promising career

Our Academic English Program will prepare you for further study abroad at international universities and colleges, and your career in a globalised world.

Levels 1-5
Levels 10 weeks per level, each level is 200 hours
Class hours 20 hours per week (full-time) for each level, plus tutorials and supervised study
Schedule Morning/Afternoon/Evening. Full time or part time options are available
Books 2 course books plus 2 extra work books for each level
Location Grand Wijaya Center, South Jakarta, Indonesia

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IELTS Preparation in Jakarta

This program prepares you with the strategies and skills required to deal with the variety of task types found in the listening, reading, writing, and speaking modules of the IELTS test.

Thousands of students have passed the IELTS test after undertaking our IELTS preparation courses. These courses are created by recognised experts in the field

Lesson content:

  • Get tips that help you deal with difficult tasks
  • Have the opportunity to practice all modules of the test
  • Become familiar with the format and procedure of the IELTS test
  • Gain confidence in taking the IELTS test.

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