Feldene (Piroxicam)
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Product description: Piroxicam is in a group of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It is used to treat pain or inflammation caused by arthritis.
Active Ingredient: Piroxicam
Feldene as known as: Ruvamed, Bleduran, Benisan, Xycam, Lanareuma, Veries, Cicladol, Micar, Kifadene, Brexivel, Solocalm, Maxipiro, Roxifen, Conzila, Reumoxican, Piroftal, Brexine, Unicam, Piroxsal, Pericam, Flogosine, Felcam, Remisil, Feldox, Flexar, Unidene, Sotilen, Roxam, Reumagil, Bruxicam, Pirorheum, Piroalgin, Macroxam, Palpasin, Piroxin, Drafton, Piroxal, Rexil, Improntal, Reumador, Proxalyoc, Maxtol, Pirokiparl, Felden, Antiflog, Ciclofast, Roxitan, Pipethanen, Zelis, Geldène, Hawksone, Arudein, Verand, Pixorid, Piroxicamum, Feldegel, Brexecam, Pirocam, Pyrocaps, Facicam, Rexicam, Brexic, Lubor, Clevian, Parixam, Cycladol, Farxican, Apo-piroxicam, Piroxistad, Proxigen, Flogostil, Pioparu, Artritin, Piro kd, Roxikam, Pirobec, Sinartrol, Nalgesic, Zitumex, Pirox, Rosiden, Suganril, Flamalit, Roxenil, Piromed, Atidem, Salvacam, Inflaced, Polydene, Rheudene, Flodeneu, Boues, Roxazin, Sasulen topico, Stopen, Osteocalmine, Proponol, Erazon, Exipan, Pirocreat, Brexicam, Pricam, Feldex, Dolonex, Flexase, Roxicam, Piroxim, Piram d, Ipsoflog, Tirovel, Docpiroxi, Piricam, Movon, Flogene, Lampoflex, Roxene, Artroxicam, Vitaxicam, Brexinil, Pirorheuma, Toricam gel, Piromax, Pyrodex, Infeld, Artrigesic, Luboreta, Lumeleem, Inflamene, Brucam, Painoxam, Pirocaps, Piroxen, Fabudol, Pirofel, Brexidol, Mtefel, Baxo, Oksikam, Painrelipt-d, Piroflam, Pro-roxikam, Piroxicalm, Zerospasm, Rheugesic, Hotemin, Roxidene, Orthocam, Brionot, Licofel, Finalgel, Pirobeta, Roxiden, Proxican, Spirox, Scandene, Zofora, Inflanan, Rokso, Pirox-ct, Flodol, Kyumate, Anartrit, Pixicam, Pirosol, Trixicam, Pemar, Solicam, Homocalmefyba, Piroxene, Remoxicam, Neogel, Sefdene, Monidem, Pirom, Mobilis, Flamexin, Feldenedi, Flogocan, Pedifan

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